The concept of “opinions as facts” is getting more and more common. This is a very common way of reporting today and it is even creeping into reputable news sources... and of course, the layman's blog.

We are all quick to judge something, we do it by nature. Judging something on a surface level is not using informed ‘critical thinking,’ it is just being a critic. I like to think if we can use critical thinking with facts, we can come up with constructive criticism. But before we jump to that we need to think about a lot of things when it comes to a rebrand. Here are a couple...

Did you read and understand the Statement of Work? Did you sit in the meetings where the company unveiled their new direction and objectives? Did you hear their long term goals? Did you talk with them about it and question some of their motives? Did you strategize hundreds of ideas where the company could go? Did you present these ideas? How did the presentation go? Did you work a month or a year on building the project? Did you do many rounds of reviews? Were you able to relate with the client and did they understand visual language? Did they really want something unique? Was there mutual respect? Was there a change in direction? Was the company able to pull off the branding visually after you handed off the work? Did the design and language around the mark communicate and express their vision? When you were finished, did the work express where they wanted to go?

I feel like there are so many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to designing anything, it is such a slippery slope to do a knee jerk reaction. So before we judge something, maybe we should ask some questions first before being quick to judge?